Volk Sport Sunglass Instant Dark & Clear Self-tinting Glasses provides the perfect vision for sports:Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Cycling, Sea Sport and so on.

Electronic driven VOlk SPort are based on LCD film technology. Flexible film LCD is laminated onto the PC lens which is the only solution. Can not use glass LCD due to safety issues. 

Improve your field performance in the sun when you do any outdoor sports. The Shade Technolgy can see the ball more clearly! Also you can see the dark area better! 

Switch within 0.1 seconds. Much faster than transition sunglasses (3 minutes switching)! 



It can automatically adjust the dark degree of the lens according to the light intensity of the working environment.Avoid visual fatigue and poor visual effects under strong light.



It takes only 0.1S to change the color of the lens from its brightest state to its darkest state.Excellent in dealing with sudden bright light (going outside suddenly, driving out of the tunnel), users are not dazzled by bright light.



Lens material has anti - ultraviolet function, can greatly filter ultraviolet light.Protect the user's eyes.



Polarizer is One of the material of the lens, so the product also has the functions of general polarizer glasses, such as: anti-reflective on road、on water surface and so on. So driving and outdoor leisure have good use experience.



The background color of the lens is gray-brown, which can avoid the color shift of the lens (such as red shift, blue shift and green shift).So it can improve the safety when driving.

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